Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bonjour, I am making gardenias.... beaucoup moins dispendieux que IAR hehehe

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My SSSS for January was Becky!!!

Hi, I was so pleased to received the name of my new SSSS for January and it was Becky Bell Helwig!!!! She was the first Squirrel that I chatted with when I joined this group for the August '11 Swap!!! The theme of January was Winter Soft Romance... here are some pictures :-)

I altered a nice dress form with beautiful lace!!! Cette dentelle est merveilleuse!

Comme toujours un cousin pour les belles aiguilles... Stick pins cushion!!! I love to make those.

January chalange was to make a calendar... this is what I came up with ;-)
(little yellow paper had her initial - hehehe)

J'ai fait beaucoup de fleurs à la main... here are some for her box.

The box!

I crackled the box with glue!!! and it worked!!!

I was a busy Squirrel because I made lots of home made gifts for Becky
I knew she would love those :)

I decided to make her a Tag to match the calendar... my first tag :-)

Outside and inside the box... I keep the inside simple and elegant.

Hope everyone had fun.... Merci Jade and her Admin. for this wonderful group!!!! xoxo