Monday, July 16, 2012

Personal exchange with Angie from Montreal

Bonjour, voici quelques photos de la boîte crée pour une "crafteuse" à Montréal.
Le thème de cette échange était le printemps! I hope you like it :o)

Love the colours and I did a very light crackling with "glue" yes, glue!!!

Here is the tag that I made for Angie... Love it!

April - 4XS boxes - Make me love it!

Bonjour tous le monde, long time I didn't update my blog... sorry :-)

Here are a few pictures of the last altered cigar box that I made for one of the 4XS sister,
 the month of April theme was "Make me love it!". Unfortunately I don't have many picture
and her video didn't load into her computer. 

For this box I made my sister many, many home made goodies, specially flowers and trims,
embroidery towels set, shopping bag etc. including my first handmade canvas mini.

You can tell the progression of my box. I just love it :-)

This is the interior flower to hid the bottom part of if, it's a window after all.

My first canvas mini.

Many, many handmade flowers...

Many different handmade trims.

My handmade gardenias...

And embroidery flowers from my sewing machine.

The finished product!

And of course full of goodies.