Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cigar Box

Hi everyone, I participated in a cigar box swap hosed by Jadedstudios Moore for the Secret Squirrel Sisterhood Society and I just mailed it.... she should receive it Friday... I am very nervous and pleased with myself in the same time! Here is the top view of my cigar box.

The theme was a recipe box... this is the inside...

and here are the pocket dividers I made for the box, so she can insert her recipe cards...

I hope that my Secret Sister likes everything that I hand made for her... I will see soon :o)

Here is the lace I made with my embroidery machine that will be in this box.


  1. Hi Christine, I'm one of your new sss sisters Judy, I joined your blog today. I love this box that you made so pretty. I hope you come to my blog and follow me as well, I'm pretty new too.

  2. I can't believe that I was the lucky recipiant of this GORGEOUS BOX!!!!! :-))))) HUGS STACEY