Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Mini Album Swap hosted by Dawn-Marie Kelly from the 4XS

Here are the pictures of my mini album that I made for my partner Cindy Rozek... 
I am pretty proud of my work, my first (big) mini!
I found this amazing spider and some bubble paper! It was perfect!

Front and you can  tell how thick it was!

Back view.

I took some pictures of my pages.

 Creepy eyes page is my favorite!

 Here are my tags, I made a mini with big envelops, so I had a pocket on top and on the side of this mini.

I hope everyone likes this, I put extra effort for this mini because I just love Halloween... BOUAHAHAHAH!


  1. Oh wow il est magnifique ce mini, remplis de tout plein de détails. Les tags sont super, bravo!
    Nadyne xx

  2. Wow this is super massive, great Work!!